3 seconds….

3 Seconds……

As I’ve said before in other posts a successful leaflet distribution campaign is a jigsaw puzzle!

  • Correct Targeting 
  • Top Quality Printing 
  • Effective & Relevant Copy 
  • Measured & Tracked Distribution

All are important but for argument sake ‘copy’ (presuming correct targeting has been established) is imperative for great results.

Your material has to jump off the page at your target audience as you just get 3 seconds to make an impact.

Yes 3 Seconds…What do they need to see?

First and foremost an appealing headline/strap-line not your company name (unless of course you are a household name)

  • It can ask a question
  • It could highlight a problem
  • It could even have a bold statement
  • It must catch their curiosity enough for them to read on.

The following copy has to succinct and be to the point, for example if you highlighted a problem that your reader realises they have the subsequent copy has to address how you/your company is going to solve that problem.

This is the crux of it all!

Your target audience if they are going to pay attention for longer than the 3 seconds then has to see what’s in it for them very quickly as let’s face it rightly or wrongly that’s all they care about.

Ok you got em hooked for now what’s next?  Re affirm what you can do for them give them and every possible means of contacting you phone, email, text, website, social media the lot. Make it big, bold and outstanding.

Lastly but no means least have a call to action!

This is very important, give them a real reason to contact you it doesn’t always have to be about money or discounting though.

Why should they contact you over a competitor, how do you differentiate? If you have a USP tell em about it, make them a time limited offer, and create an air of urgency to get in touch, make them think I gotta check this out.

One final point please if you can use both sides of the paper, nothing worse than turning over a leaflet and have white space staring back at you remember you are advertising your business try and make use of all the space.