5 Tips for Great Copy!

Great Copy is crucial to creating an effective leaflet! You want responses! You want ROI! Well check this out:- Normally I would always recommend hiring a professional copy writer as the best ones will sit down with you and put together a plan to write excellent copy. However individuals and companies alike are taking it on themselves; so if you are one of them this is for you.

  1. Unless you are a household name avoid putting your company name at the top! what you want is a Strap/Headline to grab your audiences attention immediately, ideally a statement that highlights a problem so then your subsequent copy is going to tell them how you/your company are going to solve that problem.
  2. Your copy has to list or highlight the benefits to your audience! I cannot stress enough how essential this is, they do not want to read loads of stuff about you or your companies history etc remember WIFFM (what’s in it for me) this will be their focus so write with that in mind at all times. Try and use the word You 3 times more than you use the word Us.
  3. Less is more! you don’t have to cram all your copy on one side of the page, always use both sides of the leaflet besides there is nothing worse than seeing a blank page overleaf.
  4.  It is essential to remember your leaflet in most cases it is not to close a sale, it merely serves as an appetiser to get your audience to contact you so make sure you have all points of contact in bold type landline, mobile, email and website. Although they are not clickable social media contacts points such as Facebook and Twitter can be included.
  5. Keep refining your message, test it, split test it with different copy maybe with a different design keep what works ditch what doesn’t.

That’s it in a nutshell! as said I personally would hire a professional copywriter but the 5 tips above will enable you to produce something effective to market your business with.